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The Birthday Cake -A Special Centerpiece

No birthday celebration is complete without the all-essential centerpiece – the birthday cake. Whether it’s for your new born’s first ever birthday, sweet sixteenth birthday, adulthood 21st birthday, 50th birthday or any age, you can find one that suits you here!

Birthday Cake Designs

Birthday cake designs can be very special. When customised to feature a theme or personal interest, they are particularly meaningful gestures of affection.

Birthday Cake Recipes

There’s nothing quite as special as a homemade birthday cake. Best of all, there are many simple, but delicious birthday cake recipes to choose from.

21st Birthday Cake

An age-based birthday cake is special because it marks a milestone in a person’s life. A 21st birthday cake, for example, heralds one’s entry into adulthood.

Cartoon Birthday Cake

A cartoon birthday cake, featuring a popular cartoon or animated character, is sure to be a hit with children and a fun way to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Birthday Cake Delivery

Need a birthday cake, but pressed for time? Consider a birthday cake delivery. Convenient and time-saving, there are also many cakes to choose from.

Kids Birthday Cake

While the possibilities are endless with a kid’s birthday cake, it can be made more meaningful by incorporating the child’s favourite cartoon characters.

Baby Birthday Cake

There’s nothing quite like a baby’s first birthday cake. With a delicious but mild flavour, as well as a cute and fun design, you can’t go wrong!

Red Valvet Birthday Cake

There are so many birthday cake flavours to choose from, be it classic vanilla or chocolate, fruity lemon or blueberry, or decadent Red Velvet or Black Forest.

Dog Birthday Cake

One way to treat your pooch like a prince or princess is to make it a special dog birthday cake! The most important ingredient of all? Lots of love!

Manchester United Birthday Cake

Need a Manchester United birthday cake for a football fanatic? Go with a football themed birthday cake or a football-shaped cake. It won’t go unnoticed and just screams soccer!

How To Make A Birthday Cake

It pays to know how to make birthday cake. Not only will you be able to whip up a special treat at home, but it’ll also save you money and be extra special.

Car Birthday Cake

A car birthday cake is the best thing you can get a car lover, no matter how young or old they are. Just pick the car of choice and you’re ready to go!

Your Birthday Cake Guide

Choosing Your Birthday Cake Made Simple!

While there are endless variations of birthday cake flavours available today, the most typical and traditional are vanilla and chocolate cakes. Other popular flavours include coffee, butter and caramel, as well as flavours derived from fruits, such as orange, lemon, mango, strawberry, blueberry and banana.

To make birthday cakes look more appetising, they are usually decorated with buttercream frosting, royal icing, fondant or piping gel. In addition, edible decorative elements can be applied to the top and sides of the cake.

While bakeshops offer a variety of pre-designed birthday cakes each day, they often take on custom orders too. Besides bakeshops, individual cake makers also make their services available to the public, enabling cake lovers to request special birthday cakes that are made according to their personal preferences. Today, themed birthday cakes are especially popular, often depicting the personality or interest of the person celebrating his or her birthday. These three-dimensional birthday cakes, which are moulded and sculpted to resemble persons, places and things, are made from basic round and square cakes.